Teardown of the new Lacie Fuel

Lacie recently announced at CES a new wireless drive. Since Lacie is now part of seagate, we thought it is just a Wireless Plus in a new case. Furthermore, they use the same iOS app which makes our suspicion even greater.

Here’s the teardown video of it. The team is working hard to get our mod firmware onto this new hardware. Yes. New hardware. It behaves similar to the wireless plus but our tests have shown that its slightly different and it’s better…. More features to come…

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Backing up your entire Camera Roll to the Wireless Drive

With awesome camera on the iPhone 5S and many smart phones, we tend to take a lot of photos.  Apple has iCloud which is wonderful but your phone must be connected via WiFi to the internet before the photos can be streamed up to your iCloud Account for Photo Stream.

A simple way to utilise your mod GoFlex Satellite, Wireless Plus or the Lacie Fuel*, is to turn on the FTP service on these devices. Since your smartphone will automatically connect to it, all you need to do is to launch an app to automatically transfer all files from the Camera Roll to a destination folder.

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More about GoFlex Satellite Battery

Some users have asked about replacing the GoFlex Satellite’s battery since by now, since product introduction, the battery should not be able to hold charge anymore and seagate will tell you that it is not meant to last forever.

We all know batteries don’t last forever but finding an exact replacement can be challenging since this is not something that was designed to be user replaceable.

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Files required in order for our mod to work

There are many users who have accidentally deleted some files from their HDD and they claim that our interface is not working anymore.

Please have a look at the directory structure for our mod. Do not remove these files from the HDD. It is there for a reason.

V4 Directory Structure

V4 Directory Structure

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OS X Mavericks fails to connect via webDAV

It has worked on your Mac on Mountain Lion, It works on your iPad or iPhone. But it just does not work on your Mac running Mac OS X 10.9 a.k.a Mavericks.

This is what many users have encountered and has written to the Team here.

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Version 4 of our firmware for Wireless Plus-Sneak Peak

It’s been a while since we last posted any updates as the team is hard at work coding the new Version 4 for the Wireless Plus.

Here are some screenshots for your sneak peak.
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How to downgrade the Wireless Plus Firmware

Seagate released a new version of their firmware for the Wireless Plus recently at version The performance went from bad to worse as what many users has reported. In order to use our mod firmware of 3.1.2, the Wireless Plus needs to be on

Many users have reported that the firmware upgrade does not allow a downgrade but this does not stop the team from bringing you the detailed method in  getting your Wireless Plus back to firmware version’s how you can do it. :

For the non-linux users , The detailed PDF can be downloaded from Detailed Instructions on downgrading Wireless Plus Firmware

For the technical know hows, here’s the short summary :

PS : To download v of the Wireless Plus, you can grab it from http://hackseagatesatellite.com/FIRMWARE/W+Satellite_Firmware200055.iso
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Detailed Installation Instructions for V3.02 and V3.12 of our firmware

Many users have requested for this and the team has put up this documentation and we hope users would find it useful.

PDF file is about 4.1MB to download.

Detailed Installation Instructions for V3.02 or V3.12 of our mod firmware


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Interface Difference between GoFlex Satellite and Wireless Plus

As we move towards the release of the mod firmware for Wireless Plus, we just want to show you what you can expect on the new Wireless Plus interface that we have put up for you in comparison with the GoFlex Satellite Interface that we have had since version 3.0.

The Wireless Plus firmware will be released as version 3.1.2 for our development identification as we rolled out the final mod firmware for the GoFlex Satellite as version 3.0.2.

The interface for the Wireless Plus is written to feel the same as the GoFlex Satellite. Under the summary page, you will notice that battery status is reported in the Wireless Plus. On the top left hand corner, the battery is represented graphically.

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How to replace the HDD on your Wireless Plus

Lots of users has been asking how to replace the HDD on the Wireless Plus. Some wanted to change to a Solid State Drive.

In this video tutorial, we show you how.

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