Hardware Modifications for GoFlex Satellite

Here’s what we’ve done to modify the Seagate GoFlex Satellite(GFS)’s hardware. You need to remove the 4 rubber feet and unscrew the 4 screws. Then use something sharp to pry open the Top Cover carefully. Take note of where the 8 clips are positioned based on the pictures provided.

Click here to see how to mod the Wireless Plus.

1) Format the drive by connecting it directly to the GFS provided USB Connector under NTFS. Single Partition. For Mac Users, Please make sure the partition scheme is Master Boot Record using Disk Utility.

2) Remove the rubber feet using a pen knife and unscrew the 4 long screws

3) Start prying open using a sharp flat tool. Some may use a scrapper that you use for putty or a plaster tool used by other professionals.

4) Be very careful of where the clips are positioned as indicated in the pictures gallery below.

5) Remove the drive and replace with your new SSD or larger capacity hard disk.

Good Luck…!!




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