New Seagate Wireless Plus Teardown (1AYBA2)

In CES 2013, Seagate announced a new product known as the Wireless Plus Harddisk meant to replace the GoFlex Satellite that has been in the market for almost 2 years.

Our hardware team could not wait to get our hands onto the new drives the moment they are out in the market to have a quick peep at the insides of it.

The Good news is that the enclosure is not that hard to pry open as compared to the GoFlex Satellite. It should be technically possible to replace any low power SSDs that you might find in the market.

The drive in used is a Seagate / Samsung ST1000LM024 which is 9.5mm thick. The interior build quality is much better than the GoFlex Satellite.

It also spots a slightly larger battery at 2900mAh 11Wh instead of the GoFlex Satellite’s 2800mAh 10.36Wh. This is less than 10% increase in battery capacity. We are starting to wonder the Seagate’s claim of 10 operating hours. More to be discovered as we test the units.

Here are some photos of the teardown. Watch this video on the complete teardown. Enjoy!


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