End the Frustrations!

You have bought a great product from Seagate / Lacie. The GoFlex Satellite or perhaps the Wireless Plus Hard Disk or even the new Lacie Fuel. I must admit that the product is really nice. In theory, I could have a 500GB/1TB/2TB iPad. All my music, movies, documents are easily accessible via WiFi and I could even allow a few more friends to access it. I could even use my DNLA compatible Media Player / TV to stream movies from it.

So what’s the problem then? Why do we want to “hack” it ?

Have you tried copying lots of media into the hard drive and it does not show up in the Seagate GoFlex App?  Your Seagate GoFlex App keeps telling you that you have lost the connection to it and then you are unable to join the WiFi that the Satellite has created?

Hoping that the GoFlex Satellite or Wireless Plus or Fuel will sync with your DropBox account whenever it connects to the internet?

How about bringing your iTunes Server everywhere you go with you?

Wished that the photos that you take with your Camera using the EyeFi Card could be uploaded automatically into your Wireless Drive ?

How about accessing keynote , pages, or numbers documents from your Wireless Drive and upload the edited file back?

Thousands of photos on your iPad and you wish you could have it uploaded to your Wireless Drive ?

Upload RAW images to your Wireless Drive and preview on them ?

It is all these pains that we were encountering from the GoFlex Satellite and Wireless Plus and the Lacie Fuel that prompted the team to do something. Something that we hope you will appreciate our efforts in doing so.

We love to hear your thoughts on what we have done. Email us @ team@hackseagatesatellite.com

They gave you a Media Store… We make it a NAS!!

THE LIGHT INTERFACE  for GoFlex Satellite (GFS) or Wireless Plus (W+) or Wireless Plus USB Only Model (WPlus) and now, the Lacie Fuel (fuel)

NOW on Version 4 for all Wireless Plus and GoFlex Satellite and Fuel — USD35 . All 3 versions took us a while longer to build. It provides additional functionalities that the GoFlex Satellite (GFS) or the Wireless Plus (W+) or the Lacie Fuel (fuel) did not provide at the point when we released it.

It will work with Seagate’s version or – Build 205

It will now work with Seagate Wireless Plus or Lacie Fuel (fuel) or Seagate Wireless 2015 on (1AYBA5) of their firmware.

We Support NTFS Partitions ONLY as of now.

NEW on Version 4

  • BitTorrent Sync – Seamless sync of your Data. It’s like your own cloud and you can now deploy several units of these wireless drives in various locations and everything can be kept in synced.
  • Full Drive Encryption (FDE) Support. Works great with FDE Drive or SSDs. Locks your drive completely so that USB Access is prohibited. Even Drive Recovery vendors cannot extract any data out of your FDE Drive** Default shipping drives of Seagate & Lacie are non-FDE.
  • Recent Files – A fast way to gain access to those recently accessed files within each folder via our interface.
  • SMART Capabilities that helps provide a better DLNA Experience.
  • Automatic Thumbnail Generation allows the generation of thumbnails when new media are added to your Wireless Drive.
  • Advanced Capabilities of xinetd support on Lacie Fuel so that FTP, SMB, Telnet and SSH will auto start on demand.
  • Ability to broadcast your WiFi based on Open, WEP or WPA2 Encryption **Lacie Fuel Only
  • Completely new designed interface. See here for screenshots
  • Encryption support using 3keyTripleDES EDE in CBC mode based on implementation from OpenSSL.*Not for big files*
  • Ability to upload via our interface. Build 288 support for WPlus and Fuel only
  • Professional icon set
  • Minified version of Javascript
  • Ability to Create, Delete, Edit Folders via our interface
  • Cron Capabilities
  • Display connected devices
  • Ability to regenerate thumbnails for better visual identification of media
  • Pagination enhances page loading
  • Additional New Features on Wireless Plus & Fuel (Greyed out on GFS):
  1. Transparent Proxy

The list of features is so long that we need a dedicated page just for it. Check out the full feature set here

Disclaimer : 

All tests have been conducted via iPad running iOS 8.3 as well as Safari 8.0.5 and Chrome Browser on Windows and Macs. Internet Explorer and Firefox are NOT supported. Drives are ALL formatted under NTFS in Master Boot Record.

Most of the projects are Open Source projects which are FREE. You are NOT paying for the Open Source Projects. You are paying for the Team’s dedication in piecing the various puzzle pieces together. You are also paying for the interface that the team built on Version 4.